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Anders Björklund

Anders Björklund, Senior Professor

Development of restorative and neuroprotective treatment strategies for Parkinson´s disease

My research aims at developing new restorative and neuroprotective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases using cell transplantation and direct in vivo gene delivery. In collaboration with other members of the Parmar group, I'm involved in the development of stem cell based therapy for Parkinson's disease. In addition I explore rodent models of Parkinson´s disease to study the mechanisms underlying development of Parkinson-like neurodegeneration in rodents.

2019-04-25, Interview by Neuro Central. In this interview, Anders speaks about stem cell therapies for PD, including what the most significant breakthroughs have been in the field and how we might overcome the current limitations of using stem cell therapies for Parkinson’s.

2019-04-25, Interview by Neuroscience News & Research. Professor Anders Bjorklund, Lund University, discusses the evidence demonstrating the adult brain's ability to regenerate and recover following injury, and how this knowledge has been applied to Parkinson's research. 



Interview with Professor Anders Björklund, by Jon Stamford (2012)

Parkinson's Movement, an initiative of The Cure Parkinson's Trust


2018-10-25. We are very happy to announce that our project on Parkinson´s disease pathology and its use for the exploration of novel disease-modifying therapies has been awarded a 3-year project grant from the Swedish Research Council!


Anders Björklund is a member of the organisering committe for the annual event Neuroscience Day organised every May in Lund. To learn more about Neuroscience Day, please watch the below movie made by Martino Avallone, Per Ludvik Brattås and Michael Jewett or click here:


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Anders Björklund, Senior Professor 
Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology
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Lund University
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